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How to Offset your Dues Money

Did you know that you can offset the dues you pay to LEA/OEA/NEA with discounts that are offered.  In the last few years that I have taken advantage of the many opportunities to save, and I find new ways all the time.  That is why I wanted to put together something for you to think about. 

To get started, log in to NEA Member Benefits

Your OEA number is the number you will use to access your account.  If you don’t remember your number, you can find it on the back of the Ohio Schools Magazine you get.  It is located on the address label above your name.


NEA Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits for being an NEA Member:


  • Ready for a new car?  Tryout the Auto Buying Program. 

    • There are member savings for new and used cars

    • You can receive up to $2,000 in post-sale benefits from a certified dealer

    • Buying a new car through NEA also give you:

      •  up to $500 – 2x in the first year for auto repairs

      • Up to $500 – 2x in first year for deductible reimbursement

Several of our members have tried this so I decided to see how easy it was.   

I logged into my account and did a search for the ‘Auto Buying Program’.

I answered a few online questions, and immediately was shown the dealers around me that support the NEA True Car Value.  I was contacted by the dealers.

After explaining what I was interested in, I gave them my number so they could text me any vehicles that fit.  I was very impressed that I was not hassled with multiple texts. 

My interest was in KIA and Sweeney KIA in Florence was one of my local True Car dealers. 

Ricky Hicks, Sweeney KIA sent me sticker screenshots of the vehicles that fit my interest.  My husband and I met with him.  We were so impressed with the experience, the savings, and the respect for our time.  I would absolutely recommend him and the NEA Auto Buying Program. 

Whatever type of vehicle you are interested in, it is well worth the time.


  • Like to Travel?   

    • NEA Travel Dollars – Did you know that just by signing up, you get $500 travel dollars through NEA?  Once you enroll, you just book your hotel or travel through this account, and you will see the amount of Travel Dollars that will be applied through your NEA Travel Dollars.  My husband and I are both members, so we have $1,000 to spend in NEA Travel Dollars. 

    • Save up to 25% on car rentals

    • Save up to 60% on hotels

    • Earn Travel Dollars when you fly on major carriers


It is well worth your time to visit the NEA website and explore through the resources and benefits of being a member!

Important Dates to Remember:

Professional Development Opportunity


The link below is a website for Ohio teachers to use for contact hours and potential graduate hours through Ashland.


They only have 7 up right now but expect to have 12 more courses up by the end of the summer.


There are two ways to use these hours.  You can get college credit if you need additional semester hours or you can just get certificate hours.  For each course it shows how many of each is available.  If you choose the certificate, you would send it to me so that we can get it approved through the LPDC as outside credit.


The easiest way is still keeping track on PDX, but this could also be useful if you are short hours.

National Education Association

Established in 1857, the National Education Association of the United States is one of the largest union organizations in the nation. This labor union has more than 3 million members, allowing them to be much more influential during the negotiation process.

This labor union represents educators working in public schools, higher education faculty members, education support workers, administrators, retired educators, and even students working toward careers in education. The national education association effectively gathers funds to improve public education and teachers' working conditions.

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