Not into Politics?  Maybe you are but you just don't know it!  Are you aware of what has happened to your profession in the last 4 Years?  There are many things going on in politics these days but as someone that cares about our future, our students, our families, make sure you VOTE and make a difference! 

How has public education been attacked the past 4 Years, can we stand another 4?????

* Trump nominates Betsy DeVos  - who is best known for promoting vouchers and unaccountable charter schools

* Anti-immigrant executive orders - Trump tries to divert massive federal funding to build a wall.  Days later, he bans Muslims and refugees

* DeVos is confirmed - she was utterly unqualified to head up the U.S. Dept. of Education and for the first time in the nation's history, a vice president's vote was necessary to approve a cabinet nominee

* Trump administration pushes massive budget cuts - Slashing public education programs by 13.5%

* DeVos is sued for choosing predatory colleges over students - Violated federal law by revoking the federal rule that provided student loan cancellation to defrauded college students

* DACA under attack - Trump administration rescinds the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program, putting the future of nearly 800,000 at risk including some educators

* Trump and DeVos fail to make school safer - Trump's Federal Commission on School Safety recommends arming teachers and rescinding guidelines to prevent racial disparities in student discipline

* DeVos can't defend education cuts - she struggles to defend her proposal to cut $7 billion from education programs.  Her claim, "students may be better served by being in larger classes"

* Trump-DeVos budget slashed education again!  Trump proposes $9 billion cut from public education, DeVos' agenda is to reroute public school funding to private schools using vouchers

* DeVos politicizes COVID-19 aid - DeVos specifically excludes some immigrant students in need of CARES Act emergency grants

* DeVos celebrates voucher court case - U.S. Supreme Court sanctions the use of public funds for private school tuition in the Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue decision

* DeVos and Trump threaten schools - "If schools aren't going to reopen and not fulfill that promise, they shouldn't get funds" during this time of uncertainty with the pandemic.  Putting your students and your families in jeopardy!

* Trump and DeVos sow fear and confusion - Waging reckless disinformation campaign against voting by mail.

Change begins with our local elections.  Let's get pro public education candidates in those important positions.  Let's get our profession the attention it deserves!   VOTE EARLY, it's easy.  I went the first day it was open and it only took 15 minutes to vote!

Local  Candidate Endorsements

We need pro-public education representatives.  Please consider all you can do to help these endorsed candidates win the election.  If nothing else, donate money towards their campaigns.  Remember, representatives help decide the direction of your roles as professional educators!  They can't run a campaign without money.

District 52 represents the West Chester, Liberty Township, and parts of Fairfield.  This candidate will take the seat currently held by George Lang.  We sent out a questionnaire to both candidates and we voted to endorse Chuck Horn for the 52nd district of Ohio. 


We recommend that you check his website at ChuckforOhio to see his strong public education position.

OEA has endorsed Kathy Wyenandt for Ohio State Senate.  She is another strong advocate for public education and she has worked hard for Lakota.  


We recommend you check out her website at KathyforOhio to see her strong public education position.

Local Professional Development Committee


Who is on the LPDC:

     Sharon Mays, Chair

     Kevin Carlin, Teacher 

     Ann Kelley, Teacher

     Aisha Moore, Teacher

     Krista Heidenreich, Admin.

     James Stallings, Admin.

2020/2021 Meeting Info.

Approvals will be done individually until it is possible to gather as a committee in person.

If you are interested in having something approved, send it to Sharon Mays at Central Office or email it to her by the following dates:

October 27, 2020                     March 23, 2021

November 24, 2020                 April 20, 2021

January 26, 2021                      May 04, 2021

February 23, 2021                     May 11, 2021

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