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Board Meeting Attendance

The strength of our union depends on you!  

Get involved, know what is being considered and any changes that are coming your way.  Attend the monthly Lakota Board Meeting and represent your building.  If you attend in person, complete the raffle registration (above).   The attendance will be open for each Board Meeting from Monday evening through Wednesday of that week.  Regular Meetings begin at 6:30 pm at Plains Jr.  The next meeting is April 3.  Remember the Board Meetings are now at Lakota East Freshman Building Theatre.

Professional Development Opportunity


The link below is a website for Ohio teachers to use for contact hours and potential graduate hours through Ashland.


They only have 7 up right now but expect to have 12 more courses up by the end of the summer.


There are two ways to use these hours.  You can get college credit if you need additional semester hours or you can just get certificate hours.  For each course it shows how many of each is available.  If you choose the certificate, you would send it to me so that we can get it approved through the LPDC as outside credit.


The easiest way is still keeping track on PDX, but this could also be useful if you are short hours.

Important Dates to Remember:

March 18-26

Spring Break --  Enjoy and relax, you deserve a break!

March 28

LPDC Meeting, items must be submitted 24 hours prior, if you are under the LEA contract you must have your hours approved through the LPDC and apply for renewal by May 1st in order to get reimbursed.  Only a few more meetings of the LPDC prior to that time!

April 11

LPDC Meeting, items must be submitted 24 hours prior.

April 11

Electronic Building Rep Meeting

April 25

LPDC Meeting, items must be submitted 24 hours prior.

April 28

LEA Banquet, watch your email for more information.

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National Education Association

Established in 1857, the National Education Association of the United States is one of the largest union organizations in the nation. This labor union has more than 3 million members, allowing them to be much more influential during the negotiation process.

This labor union represents educators working in public schools, higher education faculty members, education support workers, administrators, retired educators, and even students working toward careers in education. The national education association effectively gathers funds to improve public education and teachers' working conditions.

The Largest Labor Unions In The US

Rank    Union Name              Members (Est.)

1     Education Association of the United States:   2,731,419

2     Service Employees International Union:   1,901,161

3     American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees:   1,459,511

4     Teamsters:   1,400,000

5     United Food and Commercial Workers:   1,300,000

6     United Auto Workers:   990,000

7     United Steelworkers:   860,264

8     American Federation of Teachers:   828,512

9     International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:   704,794

10   Laborers' International Union of North America:   669,772

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