The Lakota Education Association is offering the Lakota Education Association's Memorial Scholarship to honor the legacies of recently lost educators.  Each year, in the event that an active LEA Member passes, the LEA will provide a one-time $1,000 scholarship to help support students in need.  Any graduating Lakota senior may apply. 


The winner will be announced shortly......   

Even though we can see light at the end of the tunnel, we are sadly cancelling our LEA Banquet again this year.  Hopefully, we can resume the event next spring.  

All LEA members will be entered for a random gift card drawing.   Each week beginning, Monday April 13 we will be drawing 50 names for $20 gift cards.  Make sure you visit this website

to see if you are one of the lucky winners!!!

Teacher Friendly Businesses


These businesses around our community (alpha order) have posted 'Thanks Lakota Teachers" posters.  They support us, let's support them!

BC Bottle Lodge - 7121 Liberty Center, Lbty Twp

Bella Sweets - 4877 Princeton Rd., Lbty Twp

Clothes Mentor  -  Beckett Commons

Clubhouse  - Beckett Commons

El Caporal -  7206 Town Centre Dr., Lbty Twp

Eli's Sports Bar - 747/Princeton Road, Liberty Twp

Eyebrow Threading - Beckett Commons

L Salon - 9303 Cincinnati Columbus Rd, W Chester 

Oasis Nails - 7843 Tylersville Rd, West Chester Plaza

Shooters - Rte 747, Liberty Twp

SportClips   - Beckett Commons

Wooden Barrel - 9303 Cincinnati Columbus  WC 


Negotiations Update

We have come to a tentative agreement.  We are currently working on a timetable for reviewing the information and voting.  Please keep Thursday, April 15th and April 22nd after school open on your calendars for possible dates.  We will be sending confirmation and more information shortly.


Personal Day Conversion

It is currently in our contract that if you have 3 personal days remaining at the end of the year, you can convert them to one extra personal day next year.  If you don’t have 3 remaining then they convert 1:1 to sick days.  You must request it by filling out the Personal Leave Conversion Form (Appendix O). The form can be found under the tab 'District Forms' above.  There is a deadline and instructions on the form that you must follow.  

Let's stay on the right path...Wear Masks, Social Distance, Limit your exposure, Keep Safe!

LEA Second Semester Calendar Events

These dates may change based on negotiations.  Watch your email for updates.

Mondays         Every Monday in April (starting 4/12) there will be a list of gift card winners on this website

April 15            Negotiation Tentative Agreement Presentation (Zoom 4:30pm)

April 15-19       Q&A  open covering Tentative Agreement

April 20           LPDC Meeting

April 22            Contract Vote (TBD)

April 23            LEA Banquet Cancelled

May 4               LPDC Meeting

May 11              Building Rep Meeting, LPDC Meeting

June 15             Personal Leave Conversion Form Due by 4:00 pm.  See Appendix O for details.


Important Second Semester Contractual Dates

There may be other deadlines in the contract that would be important to you, please check the area in the contract regarding your situation.  Do not rely on this information as conclusive of every date in the contract. 

Contract Article 2.10 Deadline:  In the event a deadline occurs on a weekend or when the district office is closed, the preceding workday will be the deadline at 4:30 PM.

June 15                               Personal Leave - Article 14.02(D)

                                            If you are interested in converting your unused personal leave to an additional                                                      personal day for the 2021 school year, you must complete Appendix O in our                                                          contract by June 15th.  Instructions are on the form.

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