Vaccines are coming, but I have not heard any details at this time.  We all want to get back to 'normal' but we can't yet.  

There are many around us that have had a terrible impact from this virus and we have colleagues that are still fighting it.  The least we can do is make sure we do everything we can to honor those that are helping us get through this. 

                                              Let's stay on the right path... Wear Masks, Social Distance, Keep Safe!

LEA Elections


Candidacy forms are available under LEA Forms/Resources  for NEA Rep Assembly July 3-6, 2021.  It has not yet been determined if the Rep Assembly will be virtual or take place in Denver, Colorado.  If you are interested, you must complete the application and submit to Damian Dagenbach by email or US Mail so that it arrives to him by February 9, 2021.


Candidacy forms are available under LEA Forms/Resources for the LEA Office positions of First VP or Treasurer.  If you are interested, you must complete the application and submit to Damian Dagenbach by email or US Mail so that it arrives to him by February 9, 2021.


It was approved through the LEA Executive Committee this past fall that if above positions are not contested, the winners will be determined through acclamation and therefore no vote is needed.  If a vote is needed, the LEA leadership will advise you by February 19, 2021, of the alternate plans of voting since the Spring General Meeting scheduled for March 9, 2021, will be held virtually due to COVID. 

PD Express Credit for Meetings/Book Studies


Everyone that wanted credit for 1st semester meetings should have submitted a spreadsheet showing total hours.  Meeting hours that are not individually on PDX and that fall under the ‘1st semester meetings’ have to be on one spreadsheet with total hours.  The instructions on how you do that and a sample template to use are attached.  This is the only way those hours will be accepted.  Read the instructions attached in order to get credit.  Registration closes for Meetings dated 12/31/20 this week (1/14/21). 

Book studies are also logged on a spreadsheet and turned in at the end of the book study.  Book studies are listed on March 31.

LEA Second Semester Calendar Events

January 12      Electronic Building Rep Meeting

January 19      Local Officer Candidacy Forms/NEA delegate Forms due to Damian Dagenbach via email. 

                         Offices include 1st VP , Treasurer.  

January 26      LPDC Meeting 

February 9      Building Rep Meeting - Zoom

February 23    LPDC Meeting

March 4          Voting NEA Delegates - In building if necessary based on candidacy forms submitted

March 9          Spring General Meeting (Format to be determined)

March 23         LPDC Meeting

April 13            Electronic Building Rep Meeting

April 20            LPDC Meeting

April 23            LEA Banquet (Hopefully)

May 4               LPDC Meeting

May 11              Building Rep Meeting, LPDC Meeting

Make sure you are on Constant Contact for your Personal Email regarding LEA Contract Negotiations.  That information is not determined yet and is not included in this listing of dates.  Email Kevin Carlin if you are not currently receiving LEA email through Constant Contact.

Important Second Semester Contractual Dates

There may be other deadlines in the contract that would be important to you, please check the area in the contract regarding your situation.  Do not rely on this information as conclusive of every date in the contract. 

Contract Article 2.10 Deadline:  In the event a deadline occurs on a weekend or when the district office is closed, the preceding workday will be the deadline at 4:30 PM.

January/February          Start watching for vacancy postings, I am not sure when they will begin this year                                                  but in the past they start showing up online in January/February.  I will try to send                                              out a notice when they begin.

Last Workday January   Retirement One-Time Payment - Article 17.02

                                           If retiring, notify Rob Kramer, Exec. Director of HR by this date to receive a one-                                                   time payment of $500. 

First Contractual Date   Continuing Contract - Appendix K

February                           For anyone that submitted an application (in October, 2020) for Continuing                                                            Contract, all necessary original transcripts must be to the HR Department in order                                              to be considered.

June 15                               Personal Leave - Article 14.02(D)

                                            If you are interested in converting your unused personal leave to an additional                                                      personal day for the 2021 school year, you must complete Appendix O in our                                                          contract by June 15th.  Instructions are on the form.

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