Board Policy on Tutoring, Private Lessons has been Revised

The new policy, adopted in November, 2019 has removed the option to gain permission through Lakota Administration to tutor or give lessons to current or future students.  For the complete policy, click on the link below.

Board Organization Notes

The Board met on January 13 for organizational purposes.  Brad Lovell is the new President, Kelley Casper is the new Vice President.  

Committee Appointments for 2020:


Board Meeting Dates:

LEA Scholarship

Scholarship recipients will be announced soon.  The Scholarships will be given out at the February 14th East/West Basketball Game.  Hope to see you there!

Upcoming LEA Events

Feb. 11 - Building Rep Meeting    4:30 pm  Union Elem.

               Candidate forms due to Damian Dagenbach

Feb. 14 - Scholarship Presentation East/West Game

Mar. 5 - Building Voting - NEA Delegates 

               Don't forget your Donuts at Stan's!!

Mar. 10-Spring Meeting  4:30 pm East Freshman Bldg

               Special Guest:

               Guy Kendall-Freas,    NEA       

               Member Benefits Specialist                                  

Contract Language around Retirement

If you are close to the end of your career in education, in order to make the most of your retirement there are a few areas of the contract you should read.

Article 16.03 (page 28)

This refers to Severance Pay, specifically for those with more than 200 sick days accumulated.  In order to get 'super severance', you must retire the first year you are eligible for reduced benefits or the first year you are eligible for unreduced benefits.  If you are close to retirement and would like to know what that means to you, contact me and I will pull it together for you.  

The chart for benefits is at this link:

Tax Information


From the OEA: The tax cuts act of 2018 suspended the previous deduction for job-related expenses or other miscellaneous deductions that exceeded 2% of adjusted gross income. This suspension included unreimbursed employee expenses such as union dues. These expenses are no longer deductible. Therefore, we will not be publishing a “deductible” amount for your union dues.

For further information, please see your tax preparer or IRS publication 5307.


Friday, April 24th        LEA Banquet

details to follow.......

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