Meet Kurt Russell, 2022 National Teacher of the Year 
A HS History Teacher from Oberlin, OH   

Be sure to check out the CBS interview where he was asked some interesting questions including his viewpoint on all the publicity about CRT.

Board Meeting Attendance

The strength of our union depends on you!  

Get involved, know what is being considered and any changes that are coming your way.  Attend the monthly Lakota Board Meeting and represent your building.  If you attend in person, complete the following Attendance form found on the link below.  The attendance will be open for each Board Meeting from Monday evening through Wednesday of that week.  Regular Meetings begin at 6:30 pm at Plains Jr.  The upcoming meetings are:  

May 23rd

 ---  What is happening in the world of education?

HB290 - 

Backpack Bill would come at enormous cost

[February 15, 2022] The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is sounding the alarm about the grievous consequences House Bill 290 – known as the Backpack Bill — would bring for Ohio’s children and communities. HB 290 would drive a massive hole in the state budget with little accountability for the money, all while leading to greater racial segregation and worse student outcomes, OEA leaders warn.  

The Largest Labor Unions In The US

Rank    Union Name              Members (Est.)

1     Education Association of the United States:   2,731,419

2     Service Employees International Union:   1,901,161

3     American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees:   1,459,511

4     Teamsters:   1,400,000

5     United Food and Commercial Workers:   1,300,000

6     United Auto Workers:   990,000

7     United Steelworkers:   860,264

8     American Federation of Teachers:   828,512

9     International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:   704,794

10   Laborers' International Union of North America:   669,772

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