District Calendar Change November, 2020

protocols are part of the reason why we are finishing our sixth week of in-person learning.

In order to ensure that our buildings have been adequately cleaned after Election Day and use this as an opportunity to continue educating our students while practicing remote learning, we have decided to adjust our schedule the week of Nov. 2 as follows:

  • Monday, Nov. 2: Professional Development day for staff; No school for all students;

  • Tuesday, Nov. 3: VLO continues as normal and in-person students and staff move to remote learning;

  • Wednesday, Nov. 4: VLO continues as normal and in-person students and staff learn remotely; and

  • Thursday, Nov. 5: VLO continues as normal and all in-person staff and students return to school buildings.

School Year 2020 Startup

As your leadership, the LEA Exec Team received many concerns and questions about the safety with the startup of the year on Plan A in August.  This led to a letter that was written and voted on by the Exec to present to the district.  

If you have questions/concerns about the safety protocols, contact your building administrator.  If you need additional help, please email the administrator and copy me.

If you feel there is a contract violation, please email or call Kevin Carlin. 

We have been receiving many calls and emails, so please be patient as we continue to get ready for students on Monday!

Sharon K. Mays, President

Candidate Endorsements

We need Pro Public Education representatives.  Please consider all you can do to help these endorsed candidates win the election.  If nothing else, donate money towards their campaigns.  Remember, representatives help decide the direction of your roles as public teachers!  They can't run a campaign without money.

District 52 represents the West Chester, Liberty Township, and parts of Fairfield.  This candidate will take the seat currently held by George Lang.  We sent out a questionnaire to both candidates and we voted to endorse Chuck Horn for the 52nd district of Ohio. 


We recommend that you check his website at ChuckforOhio to see his strong public education position.

OEA has endorsed Kathy Wyenandt for Ohio State Senate.  She is another strong advocate for public education and she has worked hard for Lakota.  


We recommend you check out her website at KathyforOhio to see her strong public education position.

Our students look to us for guidance, what message are your actions sending?  I asked Aisha Moore to give us some ideas on how all of us can understand and set good examples to our students, fellow staff members, and our community.    

Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to show our students that we are doing our part to be inclusive and responsive and that we are working with them to build a more just world. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and consider adding one of these books about race to your summer reading list. Getting informed is only the first step on a lifetime journey of anti-racism, but it’s a necessary one that these enlightening reads can help you make.


“As educators, we (sometimes unknowingly) step into roles of advocate, caretaker, guide, and even mother or father to students. Students pay attention to everything we say and do.

They particularly pay attention to our silence."

-Jamilah Pitts


“Don’t Say Nothing”

Aisha Moore
Champions for Change
LODI (Lakota Outreach Diversity Inclusion)

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