Our students look to us for guidance, what message are your actions sending?  I asked Aisha Moore to give us some ideas on how all of us can understand and set good examples to our students, fellow staff members, and our community.    

Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to show our students that we are doing our part to be inclusive and responsive and that we are working with them to build a more just world. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and consider adding one of these books about race to your summer reading list. Getting informed is only the first step on a lifetime journey of anti-racism, but it’s a necessary one that these enlightening reads can help you make.


“As educators, we (sometimes unknowingly) step into roles of advocate, caretaker, guide, and even mother or father to students. Students pay attention to everything we say and do.

They particularly pay attention to our silence."

-Jamilah Pitts


“Don’t Say Nothing”

Aisha Moore
Champions for Change
LODI (Lakota Outreach Diversity Inclusion)

Special Recognition

Thanks to everyone on the Executive Committee for making this happen!  We have had MANY positive responses from both our members and the community!  

A special thanks to Abbey McNutt for all of her work.  She is the one that brought the idea up to me and followed through with all of the restaurants!  Thanks for all her extra work, even with a toddler at home she took on this extra task!

Sharon Mays, LEA President


Abbey.mcnutt@lakotaonline.com; abbey.mustard@gmail.com;



COVID  Update


Remember your colleagues and students.  It is important that we continue to follow guidelines set by the Governor in order to avoid a setback on our fight with COVID.  I have been so proud of our educators in this process.  Not only did you provide great learning experiences, continue to offer those memories for our students in a new way (graduations, other celebrations) but you are also there for your community.  I have heard about all of the good things you are doing for those that can't do for themselves!  It truly make me proud to represent this union.  


As of today, I have not been presented with a plan for the fall.  As soon as I hear a plan for startup, I will communicate with you.  One way you can stay up to date with the process, is to watch the Board Meetings.  I would encourage you to do so.  Watching the interaction of our Board and Administration will help you decide later when you go to the polls for Board Members.  It is important that in this trying time, our Administration continues to provide the leadership we want for our staff and students.  And, that our Board supports that leadership.   

Sharon Mays, President

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